An Introduction to Keywords

Introduction to Keywords

key with man's handResearching keywords can be one of the most valuable and important ways to get good returns in the search marketing fields, and ranking for the best keywords, can either make or break a website. You can learn a lot about your customers as well as learning what terms and phrases are the best to target with SEO when you are doing research on what the keyword demand is for your market.

They can also help you to figure out what are the fears, desires and thoughts of the target market you have (because your google analytic stats are able to tell you that people type into the search bar in Google their inner-most thoughts).

In fact, the keywords act like a compass for all your campaigns with SEO as they inform you as to whether you are making progress or not and they also tell you where to go.

It has been stated that market research for the 21st century is in fact just keyword research.

Benefitting From Keywords

Keywords Word CloudTo be able to get any benefit from Keywords, it is a good help if you know where to find them as well as being able to use them.

By mastering the lost art of being able to find awesome keywords for your site, it will not only benefit you more to getting more search engine traffic, you will also get to know your customers a lot better than what your competition will.

Although there is the importance of keyword selection, the process of keyword research for people will look a little like this:

  1. Discover a few keywords that possible customers may search for.
  2. Insert the keywords into the keyword planner in Google.
  3. Select a keyword based on an uncertain combination of search volume as well as buyer intent.

Today Now Though, That All Changes

As there is now a comprehensive guide which will show you just how to discover words and phrases that are used by your target market when they are looking for information that is on the web.

Also when designing your on-page SEO and by using the correct keywords you will be able to watch you site shoot up to the top of Google which should land you more sales, commissions, and leads in the operation.

There is a Catch Though

images (1)As you are deciding to set up a keyword research tool or indeed play about with a single title tag, there is the need for you to be able to identify within your industry the niche markets.

After you discovered the niche markets, you will then be able to take advantage of the untouched user keywords that are not known about by your competition.

Once you find these niche markets, you’ll be able to tap into untapped buyer keywords that your competition doesn’t know about.

Niche Markets

This is where the (smart) keyword research startsGoogle Keyword Planner (GKP) is one of the ways that most people use to start the keyword research tool process.

A Huge Mistake

Apparently, the reason for this is that although the GKP spits out closely related keywords, it is terrible at giving new keyword ideas, and only really shows keywords that are closely related to keywords that you gave it.
Therefore, although keywords that are closely but not always directly related are the ones that are rarely shown, these can sometimes be the keywords in your market that are most profitable.

This means, that there are so many keywords which are almost impossible to be ranked as everyone and their mum is targeting exactly the same keywords.

This, however, does not mean that you should not target the keywords you are given by the GKP, just do not become reliable on the GKP to show you all of what is out there.

Keyword Tools

Banner for JaaxyIt appears to be that there are a lot of keyword providers around on the internet who all promise you the best keywords for your site but the best one I have come across is one named Jaaxy which is used widely by the great community within Wealthy Affiliate. Below is a way in which you can try Jaaxy for yourself.


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6 Replies to “An Introduction to Keywords”

  1. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for the information on keywords. This is valuable information that is always relevant to research. I agree that Keywords act like a compass, one has to write his posts so that the keywords will get it ranked in the search engine.
    Good read!

  2. Thanks for the information on Keywords.I did not know that the Google Keyword planner was not as reliable as I thought. I will be more careful about Keyword Tools. I agree that “keywords act like a compass”. Thanks for this article.

    1. Thanks for your comment Luna, you should give Jaaxy a try if you haven’t already as it is a really good tool. Glad the information was a good help to you.

  3. Hi Cheryl
    I joined WA back in March and I am learning a lot. The one question that plagues me is did I use the keyword search tool in Jaaxy the right way?

    Did I pick the niche market that has low competition? I followed the numbers that were shown in the tutorials but my niche is low carb food meals and there are a lot of websites out there covering the same topic. Maybe you could recommend some books on the subject of keyword tools?

    1. Hi Tom, Thanks for your comment, I am pleased to hear that you are using Jaaxy and if you need more information on any of it’s features please let me know. I am sure you will have used it properly.

      Sorry but I am not sure about any books but a good friend of mine who is also a member of WA has a lot of very good information on keywords within his blogs and they are all on his profile page so you can click on his profile and read the blogs and an added bonus is if you need help then you can leave him a message and he will get back to you.

      He knows lots and lots of great advice on keywords and is so easy to speak to. He goes under RobertA when you type his name into the search bar.

      Come back to me though if you are not sure or get stuck.


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