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As you all know, when using the internet we are always looking to avoid scams online and definitely don’t want to be falling foul to someone who thinks we are easy meat. In this article, I am going to share with you some tips that you can follow so you won’t get caught out unprepared.

We are hearing more and more about people who are being caught out by these crooks and although I do know people who have been victims. Touch wood, that I have been very lucky so far and not come across anyone who has tried to scam me and I certainly plan to keep it that way.

Will You Be Scammed

As we all know, anyone out there who is scamming will target all people regardless of their age, income and even their background so there is not just a certain group of people who are more likely to be victims of scams. We are all vulnerable and could be targeted for being scammed at any time.

People tend to fall victim to scams because they are not expecting anything to happen so they are caught off guard and because what they have received looks very much like a real item. As scammers are becoming cleverer every day, they are learning to use the advantage of new products, services and even technology plus big events where they are making up stories that are so believable, they will easily convince you to share with them your personal details or give them money.

Tips To Keep You Safe

I have listed below some helpful tips you can use to lower the chances of anyone getting their hands on your personal information, be it through your tablet, smart phone or your computer. as well as keeping yourself and your family safe when you are on the internet. It would be a good idea to have a copy of them beside you when on the internet so that you can check them if you think you could be at risk.

Beware As Scams Do Exist

Is it too good to be trueIf by chance you receive any correspondence from businesses or individuals that is unwelcome by mail, email, over the phone, in person and on a social networking site, then you must consider that the approach could possibly be a scam and if something looks too good to be true, then it most probably will be.

Know Your Contact

When you are dealing with a person you have only ever met online or someone that you are not sure whether the business you are contacting are actually legitimate then always make sure that you do proper research and take your time while doing it. You can use tools such as Google where you can do image searches on photos as well as searching the internet to see if there are any reviews from people who have already had any dealings with the people involved. When or if you ever receive things like emails or messages from friends that looks different to what you would usually receive then check directly with your friend that it was them who sent it and not someone using their details.

Never Open Anything Suspicious Looking

Always remember when you are on the internet that you should never do the things below:

  • Open suspicious texts or pop-up windows.
  • Click on links or attachments in emails.

If you are in anyway unsure of where they have come from. Use an independent source like an online search or even a phone book and verify the contact’s identity before you click or open anything. Never use the details that are provided in the message you have received for the contact. If at all you are still unsure then DELETE.

Phone Calls About Computer – Do Not Respond

If you ever receive a phone call concerning your computer and they are asking you for remote access, do not respond to them even if the mention well-known companies like Telstra instead, HANG UP. When a scammer asks for you to turn on your computer and tells you he needs to install a new upgrade or fix a problem, please do not listen as this is them putting a virus on your system where they will then be able to access all your personal details as well as your passwords.

Keep Personal Details Safe

Don't become a victim of fraud.As scammers are able to use both your information plus photos, make sure you are very careful with how much of you personal information you share on any social media sites. Do not give the scammers a chance to use you details to create fake identities plus making sure you do not fall victim to their scam.

Keep All Devices Safe

Always make sure that you use password protection on your computers and any mobile devices you have. Make sure that you do not share any access with others and this includes remotely as well as always updating your security software and your back-up content. Always have your WiFi network password protected and do not use public computers or WiFi hotspots if you are planning on accessing your online banking or giving any personal information.

Carefully Choose Passwords

When you are setting your passwords, make sure that you choose ones that would be hard for people to guess as well as making sure that you update them on a regular basis. If you want a strong password, then you should have a mixture of both upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and symbols. Never share your passwords or use the same password for all your accounts/profile.

Social Media Privacy and Security Settings

It is always a good idea if you are using social media networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter to review you privacy and security settings so that you stay safe. Always be careful who you connect with and if you do recognise things like suspicious behaviour, if you have mistakenly clicked on spam or have even been scammed online then make sure that you take the steps to make sure your account is safe as well as reporting it.

Beware Requests For Money Or Personal Details

Do not get caught with cash thievesIf at all you receive a request asking for either money or your personal details, please ignore. Make sure that you never send money, online account details, credit card details or any copies of your personal information or documents to a person who is not known to you and most certainly do not agree to transfer any money or goods for another person as you could get into serious trouble. It is a criminal offence to launder money.

Unusual Payment requests – Be Wary

Please be very wary as scammers could very well request that you use a weird payment method such as debit cards which are already preloaded; iTunes cards; virtual currency like Bitcoin or even giftcards. Therefore, if you are asked to provide any of these then refuse and ignore.

Shopping Online – Be Careful

If or when you are doing online shopping that you are careful and are making sure that you are aware of any offers which are jumping out at you that seems too good to be true. Always make sure that the shopping service you are using online is one that you use regularly and know and trust. Virtual currencies such as Bitcoin are not covered with the same protection as other methods for transactions so be wary and always think twice before you use as you would not be able to retrieve your money once you have sent it.

What Do I Think

Personally, I think that you always have to be on your guard when you are on the internet as you never know who is out there and one day may decide that you are their target. We all have to be really careful and always on the lookout for anything suspicious at all. I am therefore hoping that you will use some if not all of them and keep yourself safe and avoid being scammed at all times.

If this post can stop just even one person from being scammed, then it will have served its purpose.

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback on this article, if so, then please leave them in the comment section below or contact me at WealthyAffiliate.com and I will be more than happy to answer them.




4 Replies to “Avoid Scams Online By Following These Tips”

  1. Hey Cheryl,

    It’s really exhausting how alert you need to be all the time while you’re online, right?

    My father is always texting me with screen captures of his pc because he’s not sure whether something is legit or not. I’ll pass this article on to him so that he’s got some clues for the next time.

    Do you think we’re getting to an online scenario with more protection for the users regarding rip-off attempts or is it actually going to be worse than now?

    Thanks for your tips! Really helpful 😉

    1. Hi Israel, thank you very much reading my post and commenting back. I totally agree with you, it is exhausting just how alert you have to be when you are online.

      There are so many things that we need to take into consideration and keep a look out. It is hard enough for us so it must be ten times worse for people like your father. That is a good idea to pass this document on to him and then it will give him a better idea of what to look out for and it will give him something to check if he is not sure about something.

      I really am not sure about that one Israel, I would like to think that we have more protection for users as opposed to thinking it is going to be worse off but you can just never tell. In this day and age, anything could happen.

      You are very welcome and thank you again. 

  2. Dear Cheryl,
    thank you for your post!
    It is really a pity that there are so many scams out there in the internet.
    You mentioned some really important things when it comes to using the internet.
    Unfortunately, sometimes everything seems to be legit and still at the end it turns out to be scam… You have to be really careful.
    I hope people are reading your tips and stay safe.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Mia, thanks very much for your comment and I agree that it is such a shame that people cannot use the internet without having to worry that everything is a scam. That is the thing though the scammers are so clever that they can easily make things out to look legit, you really have to be on your guard. If my post helps even one person from being scammed then i have done what I set out to do and that is to make people aware. Please feel free to tell others to read the tips. 

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