Is Jaaxy The No 1 Keyword Tool – My 2016 Review

download (31)Name: Jaaxy
Price: Free Trial Account, $49 per month or $499 per year, Enterprise Membership $99 per month or $999 per year.
Owners: Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Rank: 4.8/5


Jaaxy’s Overview

Jaaxy is a tool for researching keywords. It takes the data from the search engines in Google as well as other databases and then puts together all the information onto a platform that then makes it easy to find keywords. This keyword research tool has been named as the best on the market.

Jaaxy also allows you to make a good and thorough search which helps find low competition keywords, which are the foundation of the search engine traffic. If there was no access to keywords, there would be no way for people to locate any of your articles which in turn would mean that it would be harder to make money. This, however, makes it more important to add keywords into your website’s content.

Jaaxy’s Training and Tools

The training for Jaaxy is second to none and comes within the means of great quality information as well as very helpful videos (like the one below) on the best ways to use this great tool.

Listed below are also some of the tools that Jaaxy has available.

Keywords Tool

Within this we have 7 extra items that can help you in Jaaxy and these are:

  • Avg. (Monthly Searches) – This covers the amount of searches per month that you can make on a keyword as well as the full search traffic for the keyword on Bing, Google and Yahoo altogether. Fifty searches per month are the minimum which is recommended if you are planning to do an article on a particular keyword.
  • Quoted Search Results (QSR) – This gives you an indication of how many pages that are competing for keywords or keyphrases which are the same on Google. To determine precise keyword competition throughout the search engines, Jaaxy has a state of the art algorithm which gives a more reliable number. It is better to have this number lower and try aiming for low hanging fruit keywords that are under 100 when you are just starting. The number 200 and 300 is also pretty good but it gets harder for you to get ranked if you are above this.
  • Estimated Traffic – If you are able to get your site ranked on the first result page in Google, this is the monthly traffic you will actually get. This will be the lowest traffic that is estimated for those ranks which means you may be amazed if you notice more visits incoming.
  • SEO Power – As this is based on previous scores and that they are ranging between 0 and 100, means that this metric lets you know if the keyword you are using is good for SEO. This tells you how easy ranking a specific keyword is and whether or not you will get a satisfactory number of visitors. Getting a higher number is better and over 80 is really good.
  • Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) – This is an indicator which works like a traffic light system. It gives you either a red, yellow or green light which classifies your keyword. The Red is poor, Yellow is good and Green is great.
  • images (61)Domain Search – This is able to check and let you know if there are domains that are an exact match for 8 TLDs (domain extensions) which are not the same but are available for the keyword you have chosen
  • To Do – This enables you to include the keyword you have to a to-do list which connects it to This is a top marketing website for articles.
  • Related Keywords: Jaaxy suggests closely related keywords or key phrases for you to dig deep into your keyword quest

Site Rank – You can use this to both see how well your site(s) or post(s) are ranking as well as being able to check how the competition is doing.

Alphabet Soup – When using this, it lets you take advantage of the Google Instant feature which allows you to add all the letters in the alphabet to your search for a keyword/keyphrase and can be based on the exact searches that people are making to let you get more long tail keyword ideas.

Search Analysis – This is able to let you see what sites/pages have been listed in the top 10 positions in either Google, Yahoo or even Bing. A great tool which gives you everything you want to find out about your competition.

Affiliate Programs – Once you have discovered your keyword, you then need to know if you are able to make money from that niche. This tool helps to find the best affiliate programs as well as products that you can make money from and also promote.

Brainstorm – This is a great feature which can help you if you are suffering from writer’s block or when you have no ideas on what niche you want to pick. This gives you the latest trends from places like Google Trends, Buzz and Amazon Best Sellers among other.

Who is Jaaxy for

images (62)This great keyword research tool is great for people who have to search for keywords on either a daily basis or even if there is a need to use it less regularly as it is great for getting precise and correct data on keywords as well as being able to save time.

Jaaxy can also be suited to people who are just starting out with an online business as it is easy to use, even though you get a lot of information from it. It is also suitable for anyone who is an internet marketer who has a lot of experience.

Jaaxy’s Pros and Cons


  • It is extremely easy to use and has a friendly interface
  • It works lightning fast
  • Its data is super accurate.
  • You can use this on any kind of computer as well as on a PC and on a Mac because it is an online application.
  • You can use this on devices such as a Smartphone or tablet (regardless of the operating system) as it is very mobile friendly.
  • There is no software to be downloaded or installed.
  • There is no need to wait for any upgrades or updates as these are done behind the scenes which then always mean that you get the latest and stable version.
  • Jaaxy gets data directly from Google, Bing, and Yahoo and then combines it with its own proprietary data
  • The support is very reliable and fast.
  • This is useful for all levels of internet marketers, domain flippers, and other online business opportunities.


  • There is no way to see if we are targeting either global or local searches (in some cases this can be vital).
  • People who are just branching out in internet marketing may find that even the lowest pricing plan may be too expensive.
  • There is no way in which the searcher is able to choose the language.
  • You may find that there are some of the features that you will use more than others.

Jaaxy’s Support

There is a great support system in place with Jaaxy and it is very reliable. You will always get an answer as soon as possible from their support team whenever it is needed.

Jaaxy’s Price

download (14)When you first sign up to Jaaxy, you get a free trial which consists of 30 searches you can use for finding keywords, using Alphabet Soup and even Affiliate programs.

There is also the Pro Plan which costs $49 per month which gives you unlimited use for unlimited searches.

Another pricing plan for Jaaxy is the Enterprise Account and this costs $99 per month.

Below is an updated comparison table showing what the differences are for the prices available.


Overall Opinion of Jaaxy

I think that Jaaxy is an excellent tool for researching keywords and would definitely say it is the number 1. This tool is so easy to use and as I used up my 30 free searches quickly so haven’t been able to fully appreciate all the things you can use it for. I would highly recommend this tool to everyone that regularly searches for keywords. To see how great Jaaxy is, sign up below for your own free 30 searches.


Product Glance

Name: Jaaxy
Price: Free Trial Account, $49 per month or $499 per year, Enterprise Membership $99 per month or $999 per year.
Owners: Kyle and Carson, Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Rank: 4.8/5

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10 Replies to “Is Jaaxy The No 1 Keyword Tool – My 2016 Review”

  1. Before I found Jaaxy, I wasted a lot of time on keyword research. Over the years, I’ve probably used half a dozen different keyword tools before I tried Jaaxy.

    In my experience, most keyword tools just rehash data from the Google Keyword Planner. That data has a bias towards paid advertising and probably is inflated.

    Jaaxy gathers data from several sources. The proof for my were the higher rankings I got using Jaaxy. Also, I love how easy and fast it is to use.

    1. Thanks Gary for your comments and I have to agree with you totally. I really need to take out membership for it as I used up all my 30 searches too quick.

  2. Hi there Cheryl,

    great site and a very comprehensive review of a keyword research tool. Thanks for creating and sharing it with us. Appreciate, thanks.

    I just noticed that Jaaxy, the enterprise version allows for 100 user accounts to be used. Does that mean that we can give access to our keyword tool to writers that are working for us so that they can do their own keyword research?

    If this is the case then fantastic! ‘cos my writer are far more knowledgable about the topic than I am and thus better keywords = better ranking.

    I have been looking for a tool that allows for more than one login for that very purpose and reason.

    1. Hi Derek, sorry for the wait and thank you for your comments on my Jaaxy Review. I had to eventually ask Kyle for the answer to your question. His reply to me was that:

      Enterprise is ONE account, but if you have a few writers that you want to allow use it, that is fine. Do know that we check for IP’s logging into Jaaxy, so please don’t abuse one account. But I definitely don’t mind if you allow a few people working for you to use your Jaaxy account.

      I hope that this is a big help to you and answers your question.

  3. It is all about he keyword and without these keywords are blogs would just be there we would not even rank in google and the place that we can go to help us with our blogs are jaaxy. Jaxxy is so amazing and is helping us as bloggers to really write SEO articles that can bring traffic to our site which will in turn convert. Jaxxy is the number one tool that makes a big difference.

    1. Thanks for your comment Melani and pleased to see that you liked and enjoyed the benefits of Jaaxy. The free 30 searches are a good idea although they can be used up to quickly.

  4. As a Jaaxy user I can definitely agree to this review. It comes with a huge list of features that no other keyword tool offers. Of course, it is a bit less in value without being a member of wealthy affiliate, due to no social forums and no way to get support, but even as a standalone keyword tool, it simply is the best.

    1. Hi Jacob, are you not a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate? That is a real shame as being part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community it gives you access to another section of Jaaxy that you cannot access otherwise. I love using Jaaxy for a lot of different reasons and find it so helpful for keyword searches. I am pleased to hear that you already use Jaaxy and love it as much as I do. I have to say that I totally agree with you that it simply is the best and when used in conjunction with the training at Wealthy Affiliate, it definitely is the number one research tool for keywords. Have you ever looked into what Wealthy Affiliate could offer you at all, if not I would highly recommend it. Thank you for your comment and pleased to see you agreed with my review.

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