Make Money Doing Nothing

Wouldn’t the world be a very good place if we believed in “how to make money doing nothing”? I am going to look into how easy this aspect is and what we can do to make it happen. It could make a lot of people happy if they were able to raise children, look after a house and still be able to make money doing not very much.

Sign for make money doing nothingIf you are keen to make money without taking on another job, you could consider the option of a passive income which means that you can consistently earn money without doing a lot or even doing nothing at all. You will have to work hard at the start to get it up and running until you set up the passive income revenue then you can sit back and enjoy it all.

Things you can do

I am going to cover some of the things you can do to make money while being idle but enjoying what you are doing at the same time.

Static Blog

By creating the above and spending some time setting it up and building a website where you can use an area that is of interest to you and something that won’t ever get dated. A good evergreen one to use is the “how to” articles that you know people will always ask about and search over and over again. You could also host Ads on your site as well.

A very good site that would be good to help with this is Wealthy Affiliate and you can visit them here.

Taking Photographs

Another way to is to take photographs which you can then sell to sites such as Shutterstock. This is a place where a lot of photographers who are amateurs sell photos and then earn a commission which can be anything between 25 cents and $75 and even more for downloaded images. There are other sites that do the same but it is wise to do research first for the best one for you. A site that does a similar job is called iphoto.

Article Writing

Writing articles online is a good way to make money is to contact and if you are approved to be a writer, you can get paid to write articles for two years and then after that, by putting in the initial effort while writing the article you can live off the money which is made of the views. This is done because after writing two years you are paid from the page views.

Make a T-shirt

Making designs for t-shirts through the site of Threadless is a good idea because if they like your design within their community they will use it for their next shirt and therefore if they do pick your design you can make lots of money in both reprints and prize money. Below is their tutorial video which shows you what you can achieve when using them.

You can also use some other sites to design and sell your t-shirts. Zazzle and Cafe Press are a couple of them available.

Write a Book

Through using ebooks and self-publishing you could take up the challenge of writing your own book. You could also get a publishing house to take it on and publish if for you and then you can earn the money of the sales.

self-publish-your-e-book-in-minutesIf using the self-publishing side for e-books you could use Kindle Self Publishing which is from Amazon and has the most domination, therefore, this makes it the best to use when writing e-books. Using Kindle self-publishing means you can publish your book in under 5 minutes and have it on the worldwide kindle stores within 24 to 48 hours.

I have listed below some other ways on how to make money doing nothing which some I did think were quite fun.

  • Testing beds.
  • Being paid to stand and queue.
  • Being the tester of food items.
  • Listening to music.
  • Not wasting money.
  • Waiting for deliveries.
  • Being a friend.
  • House sitting.

The idea of doing a few of these I think would be worthwhile and you could have a good time as well, especially getting paid to test food and listen to music. You could merge two into one.

I hope some of these ideas appeal to you and if you have any comments or feedback, please leave them below or contact me at





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