My Review on Jaaxy Pro – A Great Keyword Tool

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When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate, I had no idea of what they meant when they spoke about using keywords and doing keyword searches. Little did I know but we all do keyword searches when we type our questions into Google or Yahoo or even Bing and we probably all do it without realising it.

While following the Bootcamp training in Wealthy Affiliate, you come across a lot of tasks where you need to use and do keyword searches and you are also introduced to one of the best Keyword Research Platforms which was co-founded by Kyle and Carson who also own Wealthy Affiliate. The name of this great platform is Jaaxy.

Jaaxy’s Membership Options

When you first join Jaaxy you get access to a free trial which allows you to do 30 free searches and this allows you to do keyword searches, you can use a great system called the Alphabet Soup Technique as well as allowing you to see where your site is ranked in Google.

There are two other membership programs in Jaaxy and they are PRO which is good for intermediate users and Enterprise which is more suited to the Power users.

I am going to introduce you to the PRO Membership in Jaaxy and let you know about all the wonderful things you can do and achieve while doing keyword research amongst other things.

Jaaxy PRO Membership

There are two prices for the PRO Membership and due to a price increase on the 4th September these are as follows:

  • Monthly will now be $49 USD.
  • Yearly will now be £499 USD.

Listed below are items that you get access to with the PRO Membership plan.

  • Monthly keyword searches which are unlimited.
  • Domain searches which are also unlimited each month.
  • Keyword and Website competition.
  • Site Ranking (lets you know where you have been ranked in Google).
  • SEO Analysis.
  • SEO Power Score.
  • SEO Competition Tool.
  • A Keyword Quality Indicator.
  • An Affiliate program finder.
  • A Keyword list management.

Although the above features are the most important ones, there are several others. The only thing you really need to help you take your marketing to a whole new level is the PRO Membership.

Jaaxy’s Other Features

Listed below is a few of the other great features that are available with Jaaxy.

Alphabet Soup Technique

Below is the link to a video which shows you how to use this great technique and how helpful it can be when doing your keyword searches.

Alphabet Soup Technique video.

Keyword Competition

It is possible with the use of this feature to be able to analyse all competition of any keyword you search. This is called Quoted Search Results (QSR) and allows you to see how many pages on Google are containing the exact keyword you have used.


When you use Google and type in a keyword that is enclosed in parenthesis, Google searches for the results by using the exact words. This helps make it easy for people to find keywords that do not have a lot of competition as it narrows down their search. I think this is a great advantage to people looking for low ranking keywords.

As we are all aware, if a keyword has low competition it will have more chance of being ranked on search engines. In general, when there a QSR of 200 or below for a keyword then it is deemed as a good keyword and will make it easier to rank it on the search engine results.

Keyword Lists

This is another great feature of mine as it gives people the opportunity to be able to compile lists for keywords as well as being able to view their combined data. It means that you are able to add a bunch of keywords to one of the lists plus viewing both the potential competition and traffic.

With Keyword Lists, you have the ability to create custom names for the lists and this makes it better to manage the keywords that appear in the different niches. You are also able to download the lists in either Excel or the .TXT format. This makes the Keyword Lists feature awesome.

Domain Searches

As you are likely to receive more SEO juice from Google for domain names that contain keywords, if you are able to get a domain which contains a keyword that is more specific then you could attract a number of additional traffic to your site. You are also able to purchase the domain quicker so you get it before someone else has the chance to grab it.

Affiliate Program

You have the opportunity to be able to refer people to the program as well as earning a percentage of their monthly payments. If you can get a couple of referrals then the product should pay for itself which means you would be able to turn this into a passive income for yourself.


Overall Opinion

My overall opinion of Jaaxy is that this is a great keyword research platform that also has lots of other great features which are a great help. It makes it very easy for people to be able to find keywords that you can use to attract more traffic to your site. It is a fact that keyword research is seen as being very important and after you have learned how to carry out a thorough research you will have the ability to exceed all your competition.

Jaaxy is a great product which helps make finding keywords easy as well as being fun and was created by the team that also created Wealthy Affiliate and quality is their number one concern.

Try Jaaxy For Yourself

Now it is your turn to give Jaaxy a try if you haven’t already used it. To do this, try the keyword search box below and search for any keyword that you want. I believe that you will be very happy when you see how easy this is to do and will want to sign up and use it for yourself.


My overall verdict on Jaaxy is that it is totally:


In return, please come back a let me know what you think of this Review by leaving your comments below or contact me at


18 Replies to “My Review on Jaaxy Pro – A Great Keyword Tool”

  1. Wow. As someone who is an internet marketer, one of the big headaches is whether the keywords we chose cater to our audience, and if any people are searching for the keywords in the first place.
    While there are quite a few free keyword tools out there, it’s clear the Jaaxy is a step above. Will give it a go! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks very much for your comments and I am glad that this post was a help to you by letting you see how great Jaaxy is for using to search keywords.

  2. Having used Jaaxy for almost 2 years now, it actually does more than just giving me low competition keywords. When you have published more than 100 blog posts, your topic patterns tend to resemble one another and you go into this writer’s block mode which is very frustrating.

    Whenever this happens, I always go into Jaaxy, type some random general keywords and start digging from there. More often than not, I’ll be able to pick up some interesting topics that I’ve never thought about before. So that was really helpful.

  3. Understanding how important keywords are is important and you provide a helpful description of what is probably the best tool of its kind.

    1. John, thanks very much for your comments and I am glad that you thought my review on Jaaxy Pro was a helpful description on that Jaaxy is the best tool available to people looking for keywords.

  4. Jaaxy is the perfect keyword tool. For 30 free searches you get to test drive it. The $19 a month is very reasonable because you can’t be successful with the proper keywords. It teaches you the alphabet search which is an awesome way to find profitable keywords. And it also offers an affiliate program where you can refer others and get commissions. It’s an awesome tool that’s a must for all marketers.

    1. Thanks for your comments Rob and I have to say that I totally agree with you that it is the best keyword research tool available just now. Well worth the $19 monthly as it offers so much for the money.

  5. I have been using jaaxy for a few weeks now and I can totally vouch for how much more easier it helps to rank your pages and posts higher.
    The price you pay each month is nothing compared to what it could potentially make you.

    1. Hi Matthew, thank you for your comment on my review on Jaaxy Pro. I am pleased to see that you are also using Jaaxy and also finding it very helpful for keyword searches as well as it being able to give you a higher rank on pages and posts. The price is very reasonable, as well as the fact that you can also earn money from it.

  6. I always was a bit concerned when it comes to Keyword research.
    I have a website and I like to get more acquainted with all the Internet Marketing stuff, but so far never really understood what others were referring to.

    Reading your article made it for me for the first time so crystal clear that I really like to dig deeper.

    this Jaaxy tool seems also pretty nifty.
    Thanks a lot for your review will certainly bookmark your page. 🙂

    1. Hi Sylvia, I still get concerned about whether or not I am doing the keyword research properly. I am happy to read though that by sharing this article, you were able to get a crystal clear picture of Jaaxy and that you want to dig deeper into how it works. It really is a nifty and great tool, with which you can do loads like checking your site rank or the Alphabet soup technique. You can also promote Jaaxy which allows you to earn from it as well.

      I checked the post from Kyle about the changes and price increases to Jaaxy and if you upgrade from the free membership to the Pro membership before noon on Monday 4th September you will get it for the price just now and not the increased price. So it will be $19 instead of $49. I hope you like it enough to get it at the lower price.

  7. Great post on Jaaxy, Cheryl. I have heard of Jaaxy before but have not really examined it as a useful tool for my website. Thanks to you and such a thorough review, I will be paying attention. As a matter of fact, I am going to test it as you mentioned and see how it works for me.
    Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you Michelle for your comment. I am pleased to read that you will be testing out Jaaxy and I have to say that I will be surprised if you are not impressed with it. It is such a great tool for keyword research as well as all the other great things you can also do, like the Alphabet Soup technique and checking your site rank. I have checked with Kyle’s post about the changes to the prices and if you want to upgrade then I would suggest that if you can, do it before noon on Monday and you will get it at the price quoted on my post of $19 USD.

      Would be a shame to see you missing out.

  8. Great review of Jaaxy and their excellent features Cheryl!

    I personally use Jaaxy myself and I have found it to be the best keyword tool that I have come across by a long way.

    It’s great that you can also benefit from their affiliate program as well, which is a handy addition.

    If you are searching for a keyword tool, I would definitely try it out for free, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much John for your comment and I am pleased to see that you enjoyed and liked my review on Jaaxy. I love using Jaaxy as well. It really is the best and easiest keyword research tool to use and there are so many other things that you can use Jaaxy for such as finding your site rank, the Alphabet soup technique as well as being able to find domains.

      Being able to use their affiliate programme is one of the great benefits you can get from using Jaaxy and I totally agree, anyone looking for a great keyword tool should try out the free searches. If you sign up and upgrade before noon on Monday, you will get Jaaxy at the price it is at just now which is $19 rather than having to pay the increased price.

  9. Thanks for the overview on Jaaxy. It truly is impressive what the Jaaxy keyword tool is capable off. I myself have used it to see what my competitors rank for within my gaming niche, and I compare their articles with other articles and see which ways I can outrank them when it comes to providing good content.

    1. Thank you Jacob and it is a great tool to have and the things you are able to do with it are amazing. I used up my 30 free searches very quickly but then I upgraded to the pro membership for it and it is well worth the money. I am pleased to see that you have used Jaaxy and have enjoyed the benefits it gives you for checking up on others to see how you can make your own content better.

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