The 7 Best Affiliate Marketing Companies Online – What Do You Think?


Almost 90% of Advertisers who took part in a recent survey implied that Affiliate Programs were an important part of their marketing strategies overall. It was also said that Publishers have claimed that over 20% of their annual revenue has been driven by Affiliate Partnerships and 40% of all U.S. retailers have indicated that Affiliate Programs make up their leading customer acquisition channels.

As this is a field that is only going to keep growing, a study carried out by BI Intelligence discovered that one of the fastest online growing sources of revenue for retailers is Affiliate Marketing. It is expected that between the years 2015 and 2020 the spending on Affiliate Marketing by the U.S, will increase by an aggregate annual growth rate of between 10.1% and $6.8 billion.

As companies are now looking for quality-driven relationships, it appears that they will not make do with just any Affiliate Marketing partner.

Listed below and in no particular order are 7 of the top Affiliate Marketing Companies worth watching out for as well as partnering with in the coming year.

The Affiliate Marketing Companies

Acceleration Partners

It has been noticed that the new breed of affiliate marketing is being led by the above named company. As of now, the industry leaders who are involved in affiliate recruitment and engagement, execution, campaign design, reporting and attribution within the company are combining sophisticated strategies along with high-quality management of the accounts with the hope to drive rewarding customer acquisition at scale.

The phrase “Performance PartnershipTM” means to Acceleration Partners that this goes over and above the exclusive affiliate marketing to the newest channels which include things like app-to-app marketing platforms, business development partnerships as well as influencer marketing. This then all results to industry-leading victory for the expensive global retailers such as Jet, Target, Adidas and eBay.


Here is a company whose main purpose is to connect the sites or mobile apps of leading publishers such as Huffington Post, Ibotta or Conde Nast as well as a lot more to different apps therefore being able to drive the acquirement of worthwhile users. This makes them a good top contingent commerce business.

As an example of how this works, the readers of publishers such as Conde Nast Traveller are able to read features on places they may be thinking of visiting as well as being able to look at hotels on as well as being sent directly to the app for where they can then conclude their intent. The main objective that Button wants to achieve is to make the affiliate spend more cost-effective and they aim to do this by enhancing both the performance and rewards which will be set-up in regards to the purchase history of a customer.

Impact Radius

By having the ability to be able to provide technology that is able to both trace as well as boost partnerships, this is letting the above company Impact Radius’ global performance marketing platform disrupt the more long-established Agencies, Empowering Marketers and also the Affiliate Network models.

As this lets brands agree on programs which take into effect the objectives of their own business as well as getting exclusive visions of the importance of all partnerships, this makes this really standout therefore in the affiliate space.

The technology that Impact Radius has, gives marketers the chance to acquire as well as being able to analyse the findings from across all marketing channels which sensibly optimises the marketing spend. With visions like this it shows not surprisingly, that a growth funding of $30 million from a company named Silversmith Capital Partners has been guaranteed to Impact Radius.

Performance Horizon

The above company have an affiliate marketing plus partner management platform which agrees that companies are able to trade directly to attempt to drive sales with their mobile, online and global publisher associates. Performance Horizon also supports the strategies of their clients’ in performance marketing, this covers more than 15o countries from offices all over the world.

It is by deciding to take advantage of their SaaS platform that brands are now able to make a payout which is based on action, and this will then allow them to scale any sales from their affiliates as well as online marketing partners.

The use of growth through analytics, performance measurement and tracking as well as being able to make settlement in the different currencies all over the world is provided by the company. Therefore, in rating their partnerships by the performance makes the solution for Performance Horizon extremely valuable for brands.


Logo for an affiliate marketing companyThe above company are armed with an array of performance marketing solutions and these focus on experienced audiences rather than vanity metrics. Fluent are now delivering new customer purchase at-scale and this is for a lot more than 500 of the top brands, It also is able to integrate hardcore data science along with human interaction in noticeable customs.

By using daily one-to-one consultations, Fluent were able to capture 6 million responses to a survey they had which came from over 500,000 users.

Affiliate Window

By having exclusive solutions, places where you can do extensive reporting and for better co-operation there are partner directories. This therefore allows the above company to use top of the range technology which will be helpful for retailers who are trying to extend their existence online.

Affiliate Window, are very committed to conformity, they therefore offer a set of tools that can be used to provide protection from fraud. As they are part of the Zanox Group, and with 13 worldwide offices, Affiliate Window have proved themselves as a dominant worldwide network.


Joining page for ShareasaleShareAsale are an accurate, fast and efficient affiliate marketing network, they offer to protect brands from adware and they are able to allocate the commissions between their partners as well as being able to return any stolen sales back to the original affiliate.

As the network is very easy to work with, the chance for brands to go live, can happen within just 24 hours.

Overall View

As it seems that affiliate marketing certainly won’t be on it’s way out at all soon, do make sure that you are forming all connections with the best marketing associate. By having a healthy alliance, you will be able to expand together.

My Opinion

Unfortunately, I have to say that out of these top 7 Affiliate Marketing Companies, the only one that I have actually heard of and had any dealings with is ShareAsale. I did have their adverts on my site but deleted them as I read somewhere that it’s not good to have too many adverts on your site. I do still have my connections with them and I probably should do. The other 6 companies I have never heard about.

When I was researching this topic, the other six companies all seem to be offering great things to their partners as well as customers and are all doing really well within the affiliate marketing networks.

Please let me know if you have heard of any of these companies or  had any dealings with them, I know that there will probably be quite a few that has used ShareAsale, but I was wondering about the other 6. Are there any other companies out there that you would say should have been on this list as opposed to the ones who are listed here.

If you have any questions or feedback on this article, then please leave them in the comment section below or contact me at Wealthy Affiliate, and I will be more than happy to answer them.












2 Replies to “The 7 Best Affiliate Marketing Companies Online – What Do You Think?”

  1. Hi, Cheryl.

    I have heard of Share-A-Sale, but I have not used them. The others I have not heard of, but I’ll check them out. Mostly, I have used Amazon, Ratuken, Clickbank, and JVZoo, among others.

    Thanks for posting this list.

    1. Hi Andy, I was the very same in that ShareAsale was the only one I had heard of and used. I have thought about Clickbank but wasn’t too sure about it. The others all appeared to work the same way more or less but they never offered up any information saying if they had affiliate programs and I couldn’t find anything but there must be something somewhere.

      You are welcome and I am pleased to be off assistance and hope you are able to get more information on the other six companies and see what they are offering.

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