The Art Of Making Money Online Free

free money made onlineWould you like to know the art of making money online for free. Then let me tell you that there are lots of different ways in which you can make money online for free and I am going to use this post to introduce you to a variety of ways you can try out for yourself to make money online without having to pay any charges.

Where Do You Start?

Are you interested and really want to know ways available to you for making money online for free, then keep reading this and I will certainly show you a variety of different ways you can use for doing just that.

I have split this into 3 different categories and these are as follows.

  • Getting Paid Just For Clicking.
  • Getting Paid Just For Completing Easy Tasks.
  • Getting Paid For Writing And Creating Content.

Getting Paid Just For Clicking

Who Wants To Earn Swagbucks Just for playing games or watching videos.

SwagbucksWith Swagbucks (the fun survey site), you are paid for just simply completing things such as online tasks for virtual cash which you are then able to exchange for real money, gift cards which you can spend at M&S or Amazon plus more and you are also able to get PayPal credits.

When registering for Swagbucks, you would normally only receive a few points. However, any newbies who register using this MSE Blagged links for Swagbucks will be able to get bonus points which will amount to £10 if they are able to earn £5 within the first 30 days of when they signed up and this gives them a total of £15. (this means that for about 4 hours work they will get 849SB).

Some tasks you are able to do are watching videos, filling in polls or using the Swagbucks page instead of google to search for things. It seems to be that you earn more money for being more dedicated but each task offers a different amount. Swagbucks are paid by advertisers to promote their stock or to do research for them and then you receive a cut from the site.

Want to Earn about £800 a year for giving your opinion by completing Online Surveys.

How do you fancy giving your view on things like politics, washing-up liquids or even stars like Justin Bieber? Are you interested, then without having any special skills or talents and filling in online surveys could help you to earn £100’s in a year.

To view the Top 25 Online Survey Sites that are free, then click below.

Online Survey button

Why not get paid to Google Qmee

Here is a way to earn hard cash easily and all it involves is searching the web using a thing called Qmee. The only thing you need to do to use this is to download an add-on which just sits on your browser and all you do is carry on making your searches as you would normally do on the likes of Google, eBay, Tesco, Bing, Amazon and even Yahoo.

As Qmee tends to display extra adverts or results side by side with the regular results for searches, there are firms who will pay Qmee so they can appear in the adverts. You will then receive a cut of the money from Qmee and if you find the result to be of interest, you only have to click on it and you could earn between 7p and 15p. Some searches though will pay up to £1 each.

Getting Paid Just For Completing Easy Tasks

Use The Job Spotter App And Get Amazon Vouchers For Free

By simply using a camera and taking photos of adverts for jobs that are in windows could allow you to quickly earn Amazon vouchers with the app from Job Spotter. For every job advert that you put forward you earn points which are then converted into vouchers for Amazon and can be reclaimed right away. The withdrawal of the vouchers has no minimal limit. You can see the jobs that you have photographed are then posted on Indeed’s website.

How do you work this?

To start using this, you will firstly need to download the Free App for Android from Google Play and from the App Store for Google. As yet there is unfortunately no app available for the users of the Windows phone. After downloading the appropriate app, set up a profile for yourself with your email address and username Always remember to use your real email address because this is where they will send your vouchers for Amazon.

The only thing left for you to do now is to take pictures via the app of adverts for jobs (e.g. a ‘staff wanted’ advert in a shop window) when you are out and about. Follow these steps below to help you.

  • For proof to let Indeed see you are actually at the location, make sure that the location services on your phone are always switched on.
  • Always make sure when you are taking a photo of the job advert, that the photo only shows the details of the job and no people visible at all in the picture.
  • You need to have a separate picture showing the front of the store and again it has to be clear and have nothing that blocks out the shop or restaurant’s name.
  • Lastly always make sure that you preview the photos to make sure they are clear enough before you upload them.

Before you receive any points from Indeed which can be anything from 5 to 150 points, all the photos that you submit are examined first. Are you are looking to get more points, the idea is to target small or independent businesses as opposed to a corporate chain. This is because the app indicates that a sign in a small business is “more likely to suggest the chance 298of being hired”. As Indeed have never revealed their points algorithm, there is no way for you to check how many points you could receive for a submission before you do it.

Test Websites For Companies And Get paid

What users doAs companies nowadays are anxious about whether their websites are the best they can be for people to visit, it has been shown that the business of user testing is now big.

Are you would like to earn £5 for doing a website test which lasts 15 minutes then you can sign up to What Users Do. What this entails is simply following easy tasks like looking for something on a site or giving feedback on a homepage that is new.

As the company records your voice and screen, you are able to give your feedback while doing the test. You will need to have a computer with either a built-in or a separate microphone. One good thing about this, is the fact that you can do this while still wearing your pj’s as your face doesn’t get recorded.

Why Not Scan Your Shopping Receipts And Getting Paid For It (This is By Invite Only)

Interested on hearing about a great way of boosting your finances, well you can do just this every time you go shopping and then scan your receipt. There is a Market Research site called Shop and Scan who will send you a specialist bar code scanner and every time you have a receipt you can log on and then just scan your receipt.

The people who have already tried out Shop and Scan have stated that you can earn points in a month which would give you about £10. You are then able to cash your points in for vouchers for places like Next, Argos, Amazon and even Debenhams.

Getting Paid For Writing And Creating Content

Use Textbroker and Be Paid To Write

Have you ever wanted to give the writing game a shot, then why not try it now. You can use Textbroker who acts like the middleman between the clients and writers and you are paid for creating content for adverts, newsletters and also websites. Textbroker take a cut of the money from each article that is sold.

The payment for the articles can range from £5 to £30 and people who have already used Textbroker have written about things like sport, wildlife, finance and even casinos. There are a couple of things you should watch out for as its been said that the approvals on the articles may be inconsistent plus the acceptance of new writers can be rather slow.

Use Clickworker For Writing, Entering Data Plus More And Getting Paid For Doing So

ClickworkerAlthough Clickworker pays for written content, it also extends the jobs to cover data entry, product reviews, data tagging and web research.

It has been reported that there are lots of jobs on offer and they range from penning Groupon adverts, descriptions for travel destinations, fashion articles plus flight adverts as well as a lot more.

Before you are able to work with Clickworker, you have to complete a test and the requirement for most of the jobs is a score of 90%. The price ranges go between £2 which is for short jobs where as you can be paid £5 for longer jobs.

Type Up Audio and Get Paid Too

Are you interested in doing audio typing from home, then the transcription company known as Take Note are paying about £8 an hour to typists to type up audio for them.

The requirements you need for Take Note are to have Microsoft Word, at least a GCSE level C in English and because they pay for per minute of audio rather than a minute of your time so they look for you to be able to type up to at least 65 words per minute. Are you interested in seeing what your typing speed is then use this link to take a speed test. This really is more suited to people who are super-fast typists.

Are you interested in applying If so, you need to take tests that cover typing speeds, the English language and formatting. You must at least sign up for two shifts each week which are each roughly six hours. You are also able to pick both the weekends and evenings if it is more suitable.


On doing this post I have found a few ways here to make money on for free that I am going to give a try myself. I was surprised to see how many ways you can try and how many of them seem simple enough to do.

After reading the information I have provided above, I would like to think that you will now have some good ideas on ways of making money online for free. This is only a small amount of the ones available and if you are interested in seeing some more ways that are available then see below.

More ideas for making money
If you have any questions or feedback on this article, then please leave them in the comment section below or contact me at and I will be more than happy to answer them.


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6 Replies to “The Art Of Making Money Online Free”

  1. I never realized how many opportunities there were to make money online for free.
    I have tried a couple, but the pay out didn’t make up for the amount of time they required for you to complete the ask given.
    Which of these would you suggest?
    I know you said there are a few you wanted to try, but are there any in your post that you have tried and found that they were worth it?

    1. Hi Lee, thank you very much for your comment and I was like yourself, I never knew there were so many different options out there. Unfortunately the only ones I have tried are the filling in online surveys from which I have received nothing. The ones I picked for the post were ones that I thought were maybe something people would like to try but never knew where to go to look for them. I am certainly interested in trying out the Audio typing one, the Swagbucks, the Google Qmee and the one for scanning your shopping receipts. The one for filling in the online surveys was there but I didn’t include it because I felt it was quite popular. I will let you know how I get on with the ones I do try out.

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Thank you for all information of products that offer the potential making money online. I have done survey long time ago, and I think I cashed out about $5.00 for the time I was doing for about 6 months as each survey gave me about $0.02 or so, and with the higher payout, I was always “disqualified”. So I am quite skeptical about these products, and the time you consume and the money you make don’t seem to match up.

    However, seeing so many products available, people may still buy into these “easy and free entry” to make money online!

    1. Hi Kyoko, thank you for your comment and I know exactly what you mean. I have done the survey ones myself and never made a penny of them so far. I chose the ones that are here because they have been recommended and checked out by a gentleman who appears on British TV shows and gives you very good ideas on things you can do to save money and he has had people try out these different ways of making money before he even things about recommending people of the public to try them out. I know that I will certainly try one maybe more out for myself.

      I can understand why people are skeptical about these ideas as I have been the same myself however, because these are not actually asking me to lay any money down first I don’t mind trying them out. I hope you will feel confident enough to do the same.

  3. Chez, there seems to be a lot of these turning up on the web. It might be interesting to try a few out.

    Like Kyoko, I tried surveys. I earned nothing as every survey referred to me ended up excluding me. Oh no I feel so unwanted.

    So I will certainly keep this post in mind and check out the non survey items.


    1. Hi Helen, I know what you mean and I do agree with you on the fact that there are a lot of these ideas turning up everyday on the web. I myself have also tried out the surveys and have had the very same treatment as yourself so I don’t fill them in half as much. I am pleased to see that you are intending to keep my post in mind for future use. I am going to try one or two out for myself and I will let you know how I get on with them.

      Thank you very much for your kind remark.

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