The Wealthy Affiliate Scam Or – The Real Deal Compared To Wix?

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam Or – The Real Deal Compared To Wix? What would you say? After writing a Review about Wix back in July 2016, and watching a recent advert for Wix on the TV, it got me thinking about all the great features we have available to us here at Wealthy Affiliate as opposed to what is being offered by WiX on their adverts. This give me the idea of creating a comparison post which shows the differences between them. I wanted to focus mainly on the features that are offered from both of them.

Similarities and Differences

Below is a Comparison Chart I created which shows the Similarities and Differences between Wealthy Affiliate and It shows the features they are both offering their members.

WA vs WiX Comparison Chart

The Similarities in the chart show the features that both Wealthy Affiliate and are offering, although they are not exactly the same. The Differences however, are very significant between what both of them are offering. I will tell you more about these later in the post.

Changes At WiX

Since I first created my Review in 2016, WiX have made some small changes between what they were offering then and what they are offering now. Obviously, like everywhere else the prices for their payment plans have increased but that is to be expected, as everyone else has done the same.

I have to say that I was rather surprised as I really thought there would have been bigger changes made over the two years, especially when I see the amount of changes that have taken place within Wealthy Affiliate over the two years I have been a member.

Similar But Different

WA vs Wix BannerBelow are the similarities between Wealthy Affiliate and WiX that I said I would tell you about, as well as what they are offering their members although they are not exactly the same.

Step-by-Step Training

Wealthy Affiliate

Their training is made up of a Certification Course which consists of 5 courses and each course has 6 lessons. Each lesson has a number of tasks that you need to complete and these are explained to you in both text and video. Each task is easy to follow and understand, also you have constant access to the text and video for reference, should you need it at any time. Every time you get to the end of each course there is a badge shows on your profile page. This shows that you have completed the course.


They on the other hand, have a step-by-step training which is composed of 7 steps. These steps cover from creating your site at number 1 down to keeping your visitors engaged at number 7. Each of the steps require you to click on the links to check what you need to do next. WixEd was the training they used in 2016, this involved using course lessons the same as Wealthy Affiliate. These lessons consisted of videos, a quiz, a homework assignment and then a final interview which you had to pass. It now appears that they don’t use WixEd anymore.

Free Websites

Wealthy Affiliate

When you sign up for the Free Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate you get 2 free websites. However, if you upgrade to the Premium Membership you then have 25 free websites.


Although you can have as many free websites as you want, you cannot have your own domain. To use your own domain you must upgrade to one of the premium plans. The other downside when using the free websites, is the fact that there is no way of turning off the WiX ads unless you upgrade to premium.

web hosting and domainWeb hosting

Here is a feature that both Wealthy Affiliate and WiX offer their members. However, they both have their own versions of web hosting that they use.

Domain Platform

Both Wealthy Affiliate and WiX have their own domain platform. There is only one difference between them though and this is shown below.

Wealthy Affiliate

You have the ability to use your own domain name, even with the Free Starter Membership plan.


If you wish to add your own domain, then you are required to upgrade to one of the Premium plans.

Try For Free

Again, here is something that both Wealthy Affiliate and Wix share.


You can have as many free websites as you want, but unfortunately, you cannot use your own domain unless you upgrade to one of the paying plans.

Free StarterWealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand, allows you to try out some of their features for the first 7 days, allowing you to see what is on offer. You can use the Free Starter Membership for as long as you wish as well as being able to use your own Domain name.

Available Affilliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate

The Affiliate Program is included in the price of your membership and is one of the best and most exciting programs available. You are also able to earn yourself extra revenue simply by referring others to Wealthy Affiliate.

There is also a great incentive, you can receive an invitation to attend Wealthy Affiliate’s yearly conference which is held in Vegas and is fully-paid. What you have to do to get an invitation to Vegas is to achieve 300 Premium referrals within a 12-month period. Obviously though, if you join later in the year you will have less time to get your referrals but it can be done.

Referrals Banner

There is also great affiliate training like Bootcamp which consists of 7 Courses and each course has 10 lessons. Each course is a video based step-by-step training which shows how to build a business which is successful by referring others to Wealthy Affiliate.


WiX do have their own Affiliate Program which is name Tapafiliate. This program however is not free to people who are using There is a 14-day free trial that you can use before deciding if you want to upgrade and use one of the 3 plans that they are offering. The three plans are as listed below with their prices.

Plan 1 – Essential – $69 per month.

Plan 2 – Pro – $149 per month (this includes all that is in the essential plan plus more).

Plan 3 – Enterprise – There is no price shown for this plan, they just request that you contact them. This plan again gives you everything that is in the Pro plan plus more features.

It is very misleading, because when you go to the section on pricing it says to try any plan for 14 days, to me that would mean all three. However, it does not cover the Enterprise plan, only the Essential and the Pro plans.

Definite Differences

I noticed when I had another look at what WiX was offering within their Support system, they do offer good support as well as offering Live Chat and a Community. When you look at each of them in closer detail, it is easy to see that these are definitely not better than what is available from Wealthy Affiliate.

Easiness Of Getting Help

Wealthy Affiliate

When you need help within Wealthy Affiliate, there are a few different ways you can use which are all very good and very quick. Listed below is the different ways you can use to get an answer to a question or a problem if you need help.

  • Search Bar at top of page.
  • Live Chat.
  • Private Message (Owners or Community members).
  • Ask a Question (this puts your question open to the Community).
  • Site Support.


wix support centreWhen I checked how easy it was to get help at WiX, I discovered that within their support system there are only 2 ways of getting help and these are listed below.

  • Online Help Centre.
  • Call Centre.

The Online Help Centre works by typing your query into the text box at the top of the page which will then open up a page showing relevant information and when you find the one that helps with your question, you can just click on it to see what it says. If however, you cannot find any that match your query then you can check the “See all results”. When using this method, it is best to keep your queries short and focused.

If you decide to use the Call Centre, you need to phone the number provided then you will receive a text message telling you to go to and request a callback or you can submit a ticket. When scheduling a callback, you will receive a confirmation email which gives the details of your question, then if you need to reschedule or cancel the callback it can be done easily from the email.

However, if you are a VIP plan holder then you have access to the VIP Support. With this you receive one on one personal support from the VIP team, priority callback using your direct VIP phone number and when you submit a ticket to Support you get first priority response.

The procedure for the VIP Support is the same as before, the only difference is that when you are scheduling a callback or submitting a ticket you need to make sure you use the email address that you have for the VIP account.

Private Coaching

Wealthy Affiliate

Within Wealthy Affiliate, there are ways of being able to get private coaching. Two of the ways available are by sending a private message to the person who referred you to WA or you can send Kyle a private message asking a question or for feedback on a website where you may not have been able to get an answer for when you put the question to the community.


I have searched and searched through all the features at WiX and there is nowhere at all that I can see where it mentions that you can receive private coaching.

Contacting Owners

Wealthy Affiliate

There are 2 ways in which you can contact the owners who are Kyle and Carson. You are able to private message them directly and as they are often on Live Chat, you can also catch them there if you have any questions.


At WiX however, as much as they have a great support team who you can contact for any reason there is no way to directly contact the owners of WiX.

Live Chat

Wealthy Affiliate

Live ChatWealthy Affiliate have a Live Chat facility within their Community which allows the owners and the members to speak to each other straight away. This is a great facility as it lets you ask questions to other members or you can just choose to have a conversation with someone. Most people who use the Live Chat, like to be able to help people who are maybe having problems with their site or anything else they need an answer to.


Although WiX do have a Live Chat facility, there is no access to their members. The feature is used by the Support team for helping people who are perhaps looking at the WiX website with a view to creating their own site and are maybe not sure. The chat button pops up when the Support team think you need help or you are interested in creating your own site.

Members can add a Live Chat app to their sites and although it lets them talk to customers or clients, it does not allow them to speak to each other.


Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has the best Community available to its members. With over 1.3 million members who are spread all over the world, you can guarantee that there will always someone somewhere who is available to answer a question or help you with a problem. If you are stuck and leave a message for the Community, you will find out that you won’t have to wait long to get an answer.

The members within Wealthy Affiliate are a great bunch of people who are always willing to help people and answer any questions you may have.


Although Wix claim to have a Community, when you look at it closely, it is nothing at all like the great Community at Wealthy Affiliate. The Community is split into different areas and these cover Wix blog, Wix Stories, Wix Arena, WiX Meetups and WiX Ambassadors.

There is a Forum Community also in WiX and this allows the users of WiX to connect with each other as well as them being able to invite their visitors to also become members.

My Overall Opinion

Since creating my Review in 2016 and then creating this comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Wix, I can honestly say that there is only one way I would ever think of “The Wealthy Affiliate Scam Or – The Real Deal Compared To WiX?” That is, there is no way Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, it will always be the real deal in my eyes.

This post shows there are more similarities than differences between Wealthy Affiliate and WiX. Both are offering some features that are the same however, they work in different ways to do this. There are also some big differences in the way that they both offer support to their members.

Although a lot of people use WiX and are very happy with them, I would rather be part of the best hosting platform in the world.

If you have any questions or feedback on this article, then please leave them in the comment section below or contact me at and I will be more than happy to answer them.


Join me at WA




14 Replies to “The Wealthy Affiliate Scam Or – The Real Deal Compared To Wix?”

  1. Thank you so much for this review. I was checking into Wix when I came across your comparison review.
    After seeing the difference between Wix and Wealthy Affiliate, I am definitely going to go with Wealthy Affiliate.
    I love the idea of having my own domain name, private coaching, being able to get help from the owners, live chat and a community that loves to help other members. Count me in.
    Thank you for saving me from what could have been a huge mistake.

    1. Hi Lee, you are very welcome and I glad that you read this post and discovered that Wealthy Affiliate are definitely the real deal compared to Wix. I do think that Wix have some great ideas for creating sites but the way that they run their membership side of things is not a patch on what we have available to us here. I am so pleased that I saved you from making a huge mistake. Stay with us here at Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Hello Cheryl, a really great review of both platforms. I recall that there were two platforms that were recommend when I was searching for a place where I could learn to become an internet marketer. The first was Wealthy Affiliate, the second was Wix. I went with WA because the reviews then were very positive. Your review confirms that I did make the right choice, thank you.

    1. Hi Harvey, thank you very much for your comment and I am pleased to see that you picked the best one out of the two of them. I do have to say that I am glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate first before I even knew about Wix or I may have been taken in with the fact you can have as many free sites. What we have here at Wealthy Affiliate is run so much better than what is being offered at Wix.

  3. I had no idea that Wix offer an affiliate program. But if there’s one thing I learned the hard way, it’s that you must resist the selling speech. The most important is the education. What can I learn with this site is the answer that will give you a great indication of the quality of a program. If the only thing you read are selling letters or articles(but nothing that will make you say: “wow! Really? I didn’t know that!”) there’s something wrong. Since when Wix has a program?

    1. Hi Jo, thank you very much for your comment and I can say that although Wix say they are offering an affiliate program it is not their own and it is certainly not free. They use Tapfiliate who allow the Wix members to integrate their sites but at a cost, not part of your membership like at Wealthy Affiliate. I hope this answers that question for you. I couldn’t find anywhere that said when they started using Tapfiliate sorry. I do agree with you there and I was approached by one of the get rich quick schemes and when I said I wasn’t interested they kept phoning and phoning but I just ignored the calls. It can be so easy though to get caught up with these selling speeches that don’t learn you anything but give you this rubbish about how to make more without doing anything.

  4. Great post, Cheryl. You just reinforced my opinion that Wealthy Affiliate is the best web hosting, training, helpful affiliate marketing site on the internet today. I stumbled onto it about a year ago, and while I’m not into much money yet (like none), I know that the training works and it’s just a matter of time. I’ve never been a member of WIx, although I did try 1 and 1 for a while. I didn’t like it, but then I was quite a novice back then. Thanks.

    1. Hi Grant, thanks for your comment and I am so pleased to see that I was able to show you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for Affiliate Marketing and their training is second to none. I have been here for almost 2 years now and haven’t made much money but I have enjoyed what I am doing and what I have learned so far. I just think that Wealthy Affiliate works a lot better than how Wix works in relation to their live chat and community and how the training is implemented. 

      I was the same, I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate by chance and I really have to say that I am glad I did. 

  5. Thank you kindly for the comparison. I used Wix too, but strongly have a preference for wealthy Affiliate. The simple reason being that I found it difficult to build a site using Wix, I tried them some 4 years ago. Decided on WA due to ease of use and my familiarity with wordpress, which is what WA use as a site builder. Far easier, more straight forwards for non-techie people like me!

    1. Hi Derek, thanks for your comment and glad you liked the comparison. I was off the same opinion as yourself in the Wealthy Affiliate is a lot more user friendly and it’s whole set up is so much better than the layout at Wix. I do think their websites do look amazing but there is so much hassle if you are not sure what you are doing. I didn’t like the way of getting help either unless you went for the top of the shop VIP package. 

      I just think that it hasn’t been thought out very well and they have taken the harder route to do things than making things simple. 

      I am glad that you saw wordpress was easier and you came over to WA. No looking back now. 

  6. Wealth affiliate looks good but I wonder how is the hosting platform’s security. For example, I have a lot of issues with a popular hosting provider and my site has issues time to time. I think I have issues every month. Do you think that is it better than HostGator about security and protecting from spams?

    1. Hi Furkan, Can I please say that the hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is great and the security is first class. I have been here as a Premium member exactly 2 years today and I have had no problems at all with any of my sites. I have 2 sites up and running. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be if you are looking to create your own website and do affiliate marketing. It would be nice to see you joining us here at Wealthy Affiliate and you can see for yourself how great everything is. I would have to say that i would be surprised if you were not impressed. 

  7. Hey really good comparison article, i never heard of wix but wealthy affiliate is the best program i have ever joined. I have learned so much and i have made so much progress just by following the training and have even made it on google and some of my pasges are getting higher up.

    1. Hi Justin, thanks very much for your comment and to be honest, I had never heard of Wix either until I joined Wealthy Affiliate. We get a lot of adverts on tv for them and they look ok but until you see what is available and how they work, the best place to be is Wealthy Affiliate. I have been here two years now and have learned so much and have enjoyed every minute of it. 

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