Wealthy Affiliate’s 2016 Review – 18 Months On And Now 2018’s Update

NAME: Wealthy Affiliate
WEBSITE: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
PRICE: $0 Starter Membership (get free account)
OWNERS: Kyle & Carson
OVERALL RANK: 98 out of 100


Wealthy Affiliate’s Introduction

Change your life with WAIf you are reading this review just now then you probably have an interest in or would like to start your own business online and are looking for help and guidance. Whether or not you have any knowledge or experience of making websites, Wealthy Affiliate’s great platform will help and instruct you in your venture.

Listed below are a few of the ways why people love Wealthy Affiliate.

  • There is live interactive help and support 24/7.
  • You will be a member of a large Community who are all very helpful.
  • The training is available via video, tutorial and courses etc.
  • The initial (getting started) training is simple to follow.
  • With the FREE Starter membership, you get 1 free website.
  • It is strictly spam free.

Pros and Cons

Listed below are some of Wealthy Affiliate’s pros and cons:


As the training is easy to follow, it makes you want to keep going and complete each lesson. There is also walk through videos which are very informative.

You can learn everything at your own pace and there is no timescale so there is no pressure put on you to finish things.

As everything you need is already online, there is no requirement for an app or download.

Your website can be about any interests or hobbies that you have a passion for rather than having to stick to a list that’s been provided.


It can be overwhelming for newcomers when they see what is available to them making them panic and decide they can’t do it so they leave.

They may lose focus as there are so many members and when it comes to asking questions they be worried as to who they can ask or how to word their questions to get the correct answer, this may make them feel uneasy about asking so they don’t bother with it.

Who Would Wealthy Affiliate Suit

Wealthy Affiliate would suit lots of different people who are looking to work from home such as stay at home mums, people with a successful business  already running but want to take it to new scale right and even a completely new person just starting out. When you take Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate you will be part of a huge Community who are always willing to help you all they can.

Wealthy Affiliates friendly welcome matRegardless of whether you have limited or no experience, are of the right age, and have access to Wealthy Affiliate which you can use anywhere you have an internet connection, you can build your website plus get the right help and training with Wealthy Affiliate.

Anyone trying to get an extra income or have been made redundant would also benefit from Wealthy Affiliate and all the help and support that they provide for everyone.



There is a great range of training and tools that will be a help to you while building your business. As well as being comprehensive, current and organised as well all levels of expertise having training as do the most advanced business clients. The training has different formats  and a few are listed below.

  • Training for WA Bootcamp
  • Affiliate Bootcamp (Completed in 10 task based lessons).
  • Getting Started (Also completed in 10 task based lessons).
  • Live Training Classes are run weekly.
  • Interactive discussions.
  • Question and answer sessions.


Below are some of the tools Wealthy Affiliate offer that are worthwhile in the process of building your website.

You have 1 free website with the FREE Starter membership.

Free WordPress themes and plugins.

10 WordPress websites with premium membership (these can either free or your own domain).

Another great tool available is Jaaxy, this is one of the best tools for researching Keywords. Try it out for yourself below and see how great it is.


Everything you need to create an income onlineThe support you can  obtain while using Wealthy Affiliate is excellent. You have constant access to both Kyle and Carson (Owners), you can send them direct private messages and they get back to you as soon as possible, (this is only available when you have the premium membership). There is also the support of the huge Community, where you are able to ask questions and they get back to you very quickly.

Kyle and Carson are also very good in checking in with you regularly to see how everything is going and that you are alright as well as asking if you have any questions or comments that you need answers to.

Looking to get a really quick answer you can use the Live Chat facility and someone within the community will reply back to you right away.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Prices

There two memberships available.

The FREE Starter Membership which costs $0

Premium Membership costs $49 monthly and $359 yearly.

Get your free starter membershipThe main differences between the memberships are that the FREE starter membership gives you 2 free websites plus hosting, access to live chat, the chance to use the Keyword research tool, you have your personal blog, 30 keyword searches each month plus starter training.

Premium membership gives you a whole lot more available to you. There is instant access to 24/7 help and support even during the night. You never  have to worry about having to pay any more fees as it is only one price for Wealthy Affiliate.

Premium membership from Wealthy Affiliate is second to none and there is no need to be concerned about being scammed ever again.

 Final Opinion + Bonus

After finding Wealthy Affiliate by chance almost 4 years ago, I highly recommend their services to all people interested in giving something new a try, such as starting up their own online business.

Wealthy Affiliate have a walk through video showing how easy it is to set up your own website in less than 30 seconds. I would certainly invite you to watch this video and see for yourself.

If you are looking to start and grow your own online business or just to raise some extra income but would like some help and guidance the great choice to make would be Wealthy Affiliate. This is a company that have training which is second to none, great support, loads of good help and a huge Community who are always willing to help each other.  This is a very LEGIT company who is suitable for everyone.

#1 Ranked Affiliate Community

Finding Wealthy Affiliate has been one of the best things I have done. Before joining, I never ever gave a thought to having my own website, never mind two. I am enjoying my time at Wealthy Affiliate. The great training and support i have received as well as the friendships I have made in this amazing Community. For affiliate marketing, this is the best platform to be part off.

Now if you would like to see what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer for yourself then click below. I will be surprised if you are not impressed with what you see.

Click here to learn more

Join now and get your $0 Starter Membership.

How To Claim Your Bonus

When you join Wealthy Affiliate with a FREE starter membership, I am going to give you a bonus which includes a first-month payment of $19. This is a discount of 59% when you take out a Premium membership within the first 7 days. I will send you a personal hello and more important information about WA as well as telling you how you can claim your bonus. Believe me, when I say you have made a great decision just by taking out this membership.

THANK YOU Wealthy Affiliate for all your help and support.


Completely LEGIT.

If you have any questions or feedback on this review then please leave them in the comment section below and I will get back to you.




20 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate’s 2016 Review – 18 Months On And Now 2018’s Update”

  1. Excellent review of Wealthy Affiliate! The strength of Wealthy Affiliate is their training and community support. As you commented, the getting started and affiliate bootcamp courses are extensive. These are some of the best I have seen. (I have been marketing online for 20 years and have seen lots.) The live weekly training webinars for premium members is superb. I am glad I joined. I was skeptical that Wealthy Affiliate could offer me anything that I hadn’t already learned the last 20 years. I was wrong.

    1. Thanks very much Glen for checking out my review and also for your comments. I really enjoyed doing this review and I am glad you thought it was excellent.

  2. Making money from home on the computer, is made a lot easier with WA. I host earnrecurringrevenuefromhome .com on WA, I can say that the training is priceless on WA to build a sucessfull affiliate business. Success with affiliate marketing takes time, and people must realize that success isn’t created overnight. Its great how you gave wealthy affiliate a 98/100 rating, that is where it should be. It is also great how you included that it is a 2016 review, so people know its up to date. Very helpful broken up content written in a way in which everyone can understand. Great review. Cheers!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and I totally agree with you about how great Wealthy Affiliate are. I write as if I am actually telling someone what I think rather than getting too technical and using words that people do not understand.

  3. Great review of Wealthy Affiliate and telling it as it is. I love your review and I honestly think that WA is a great platform for beginners. When you have a product which is willing to let you have an inside look for an unlimited time, you know you’ve found a great product.

    I’ve been a member of WA for some time now and I urge everyone who’s interested in turning their passion into a business to give it a go. See it for yourself.

    1. Thanks Andrew for looking at my review and also for your great comments on it. Any feedback at all is greatly appreciated. I was very happy to hear that you liked my post.

  4. Hi there, I am thinking of starting my own blog and have read a few reviews on Wealthy Affiliate. There are a few questions that I want to ask though.

    1) Are there any upsell within the system? Because most courses do and you don’t know until you are really tied to it.

    2) You mentioned that the premium is $49 but your chart says $47. Which is which?

    3) You also mentioned about getting free websites. What kind of websites are these?


    1. Hello Cathy, I most certainly can tell you that there are no upsells within Wealthy Affiliate. The only charges are the ones that are listed below:

      FREE for the first month…
      USD19-00 for the second month…
      USD49-00 per month until cancel membership…
      It’s cheaper to pay upfront for the year… as is listed on my review.

      Very sorry for the confusion over whether it is $47 or $49 per month. It is definitely $49, the table I used to show the differences in the memberships on my review had not been updated when I started and therefore was still showing the $47. The $49 per month for Premium membership is most certainly worth it as the community of people that you will join are so helpful and friendly and the training you get to help you create your website is second to none.

      The free websites you get are with the free starter membership and these can be for any niche that you decide you want to have your website about so you can 2 websites up and running at Wealthy Affiliate without having to pay for a domain name and they are siterubix websites which belong to WA and not yourself. If you take out the Premium membership then you can make 50 free websites if you want. You can however if you wish, pay for to get your own domain and this is all explained to you in the training. My own domain is allbookstyles.com.

      If you are thinking of setting up your own blog, I would highly recommend that you use Wealthy Affiliate as it is a great community to be part of and I would be very surprised if you found it to be disappointing.

      I really hope this is a help to you Cathy and if you are not already a Wealthy Affiliate member, I along with everyone else that is part of this great community would welcome you with open arms.

      Please feel free to come and ask anymore questions if you are still unsure.


  5. Hi there Cheryl,
    This is a nice updated review of the Wealthy Affiliate program. I’ve been a member for a while now, and I’ve been enjoying a lot the lessons and the support from the community. The WA platform is the right place to start with an online business that will lead one to success.
    Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. Thanks for your comment on my Wealthy Affiliate Review and very pleased that you liked it. The support from the community and the training is great and I agree with you that the WA platform is the right place to start your online business.

  6. Hi Cheryl
    Thanks for providing your awesome review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    You have covered all of the important aspects of what makes this, the best online training platform on the planet. Where else can you go for all this training, help and support? I don’t know. The community here is top shelf. My favourite feature is the Live Chat. Just knowing I can ask a question and get an answer back within seconds, is worth the price of admission.
    You can try other programs but you will eventually end up back at Wealthy Affiliate. If you are willing to work hard good things happen. This is not get rich quick and sometimes people forget that.
    Thanks for this, really well done.

    1. Thank you so much Peter for your comments on my review of Wealthy Affiliate. This review was one that I liked doing and I agree that this is a great Community to be part of and the training is second to none. I came across WA first thankfully but would certainly not go elsewhere to see if there is anything better. I am glad that you have liked this review and for saying it is awesome.

  7. Hey there!

    I just read your article “Wealthy Affiliate’s 2016 Review”.
    You have done an incredible job laying out your information, and i found it to be very informative.

    I will certainly be signing up for the free training to check out WA!

    Do you have any idea how long it takes to get going and begin to make money from home?


    1. Hi Brendon, thanks for your comment and I am pleased to see that my review on Wealthy Affiliate impressed you and that you found it informative enough for you to be interested in signing up for the free training. I hope that when you do sign up you will then want to find out a lot more and decide to join this great community of people here by going premium. You can have your website up and running in under 30 minutes but then you really need to follow the training and not miss any of it. As for making money then it all depends as everyone is different and it really depends on what your site is about. To find out more have a look at Kyle’s Bio or my article on my journey at Wealthy Affiliate so far. I really hope that you will click on the button here in this document and come and join me along with all the others at this great community.

  8. I think nothing comes even close to wealthy affiliate. Well, at least I haven’t came across to anything that could top it! The tools and training are superb. And on top of that, the community is always there for you and ready to help you out whenever you come up with a question (even a stupid question!). So, I’d say it’s the best platform if you want to create your business online!

    1. Thanks very much for both reading my review on Wealthy Affiliate and for your comments. I have to say that I totally agree with you, the tools and training are both second to none and this is a great community to be part of. There is always someone within the community somewhere in the world that will help you with a question and even a stupid question as you put it without any hesitation at all. It most certainly is the best platform to create your online business and I am very happy to be a part of it. 

  9. Thank you for your review and it was spot on. I joined in December 2017 and i didn’t have the first clue as to how to build a website. But with the raining, tools and the awesome community, I have done what I thought was impossible. Wealthy Affiliate is beginner friendly for sure.
    Thank you for your post and for being honest and telling it like it is.

    1. Thank you very much for your comment Lee and I am pleased to see that also being a member of Wealthy Affiliate you were the same as myself when you started and have come to also love this great community and have with the help of the training and tools created your website and are proud of what you have been able to achieve. Yes I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is very beginner friendly and it is certainly one of the best things I have done by joining this great community.

  10. Thank you for the thorough review of Wealthy Affiliate. It seems to be a great platform for online beginners as the cons you mentioned are more the personality-driven cons. I mean there certainly are people who won’t find these as cons. It is just a matter of self-organization and creating some structure for your online activities to turn these cons into pros.
    However, it was not quite clear to me about Jaaxy – you mentioned that Wealthy Affiliate offer free keyword search tool and you mention that there is available also keyword tool Jaaxy. So is this the same free tool Wealthy Affiliate offers or are these two different keyword tools?

    1. Hi Arta, thank you so much for your comment and your very kind words about my review. I know what you mean about the cons though as they really are not cons as such. Thank you for talking about Jaaxy as I need to change the part because the Wealthy Affiliate free keyword tool is now within Jaaxy. However, you can sign up to use Jaaxy which is a great keyword research tool on it’s own without being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I hope this clears that confusion up for you?

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