What The Heck Is Affiliate Marketing For Dummies?

I am interested to hear what people’s thoughts are on Affiliate Marketing For Dummies, and will admit that I am the type of person who finds it easier using images than reading text when learning things, Very often I have wished there was an easier way to help people understand when they are learning something new. To me, I always think on this as “an idiots guide” and in no means at all am I referring that the people suited to using this style are idiots, it is just that each person has their own way of learning things.

“For Dummies” Series

It is nice to know that someone has finally made a series of instructional/reference books named “For Dummies” and these are under the “How To” category for books.

It seems to be that if there is enough interest in a series of books named “For Dummies”, then why not introduce a Dummies Guide for people who may be interested in Affiliate Marketing but feel they would struggle because of the technical jargon which can be included in the learning but would benefit from this style instead.

A lot of people take the decision to try to learn Affiliate Marketing by just using a book but because there are often so many changes that happen quickly, they find the book’s information quickly goes out-of-date.

As there is so much to learn in the business of Affiliate Marketing, it is impossible to learn all the elaborate details and refinements involved with Affiliate Marketing that just reading a book is going to be of no help in any way at all.

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Why Call Them “For Dummies”

These are aptly named as the books make it easy to follow, which therefore implies that it can be understood perfectly by a “dummy”. Although showing this process is straightforward, it also shows that there is in truth, a lot to learn. Besides, learning how you do things, is nothing if you don’t have the action required.

Web Marketing Book – All In One

Web Marketing for Dummies Front CoverWhat is the point of buying more than one book on Web Marketing when you can get “Web Marketing For Dummies” as an AIO (all in one) version. This has all the books together in the one place.

In all there are 8 books and I have listed them below.

  • Book I: Web Presence 7.
  • Book II: Search Engine Optimization 147.
  • Book III: Web Analytics 267.
  • Book IV: Online Advertising and Pay Per Click 345.
  • Book V: E-Mail Marketing 453.
  • Book VI: Blogging and Podcasting 571.
  • Book VII: Social Media Marketing 639.
  • Book VIII: Mobile Marketing 731.

I know that I would certainly prefer to have just one book covering everything and is easy to use than having to look at 8 different books plus having to go back and forwards to find things.

Some Worthwhile Tips To Know

While I was looking for information on the “For Dummies” series, I came across a lot of good tips that the team at the “For Dummies” books are advising people to use and these are listed below.

Pay-Per-Click Jargon

One of the popular tools for web marketing is PPC (Pay Per Click), which also has its own jargon. To find out what means what have a look at the following list.

  1. Ad Group – This is where you keep and organise your keyword lists as well as your ads.
  2. Campaign – Here is where you organise your Ad Groups; where you set your spending budgets as well as your other settings like frequency, networks and also geography.
  3. Cost Per Click (CPC) – This is how much you pay each time someone clicks on your ad.
  4. Click-Through Rate (CTR) – Here is the percentage of the amount of times someone clicked your Ad divided by the amount of times it was shown.
  5. Destination URL – This is your web page address for where your Ads go to.
  6. Display URL – This is the web address which is displayed in your Ad for PPC.
  7. Impressions – The amount of times in which you Ad was shown.
  8. Keywords – These are the phrases and words that you pick to bid on.
  9. Match Type – This clarifies how precisely you are looking for the search engine to match up with a query on you keyword list from a searcher. The sorts are phrase, negative, modified broad, exact and broad.
  10. Maximum CPC – This is the cash amount that you will be willing to pay for every time someone clicks on your Ad.

Enhance Your Website For The Search Engines

SEO - in lettersAs SEO (search engine optimisation) maximises web marketing by bringing internet browsers to your website. To make sure that shoppers who are after what you have to sell are indeed able to find your website then perhaps it would be good to follow these SEO techniques and tools.

  1. Always make sure that your homepage links to https://www.siteaddress.com/.
  2. Always have a relevant title META tag for every page.
  3. Make sure that all headings are actual headings and that they are contained in tags.
  4. As Search engines are unable to complete forms which means they therefore hide your site, there is no need for registration for any of your site’s content.
  5. With the use of regular links, always ensure that you are able to navigate to every one of your site’s pages.
  6. There is no need for you to be obsessive about keywords as you are more likely to pick up a lot more mileage just using clear and relevant content.

Using E-mail As Web Marketing Strategy

Using e-mail as a way to reach any potential customers can be an effective web marketing strategy so before you start sending out your marketing emails it would be good to take notice of the following tips.

  1. Always make sure that you have definite permission to be able to send the email.
  2. Ensure that your email is compliant with CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing).
  3. Always make sure that your main objective is defined.
  4. Where it indicates who the email is From, always check that it identifies your business clearly.
  5. Make sure that your Subject line is interesting so that your audience will be prompted to open your email.
  6. Keep the content on your email easy to scan every time.
  7. Make sure that you keep your headlines, short, clear and to the point.
  8. Your email should always have a good strong call to action.
  9. Ensure when using images, that they always help in the storytelling of your email.
  10. Always ensure that all the content in your email is both relevant and valuable for your audience.
  11. Ensure that all your links have been checked and that they are working properly plus that you are sending at times that your audience will be more likely to see them.
  12. Always make sure you are prepared and able to take care of any incoming responses

When Marketing To Mobile Users

As we all know, in these days a web marketing strategy is not complete unless its taking into account electronic media which includes mobile phones plus other devices. Therefore, here are some pointers that may be helpful to you reaching success.

Do not let youth blind you – Nowadays, mobile marketing is suitable to people of all ages so the main thing is to keep providing value and then it benefits everyone.

Always set your objectives and success measures – Make sure that you know what you are looking to accomplish as well as why you are running the program you are.

Make sure to cover the life cycle of every customer – Mobile is a simple word but applies to so much more like acquisition, customer care, awareness, retirement as well as loyalty and retention.

Have permission plus build trust – Make sure that you have the permission from mobile subscribers first before you choose to involve them on their mobile phone.

Ensure that you take the time and test first – Always make time for you to test your mobile marketing enterprises as well as making sure that the wireless carriers certify them for you when it is necessary to do so.

Don’t waste time; start learning now – As a primary channel for customer engagement at the moment is mobile, it would be a good thing to start learning to use it now.

Get Creative – It seems just now that Mobile subscribers are looking for entertainment, value and information, therefore, don’t let this keep you from showing what you can do.

Make sure that your mobile marketing programs are launched and then test them, review the measures and after all that do it better next time – Like every other practices, Mobile marketing takes time to learn.

Analyzing Web Marketing Data

Analysing web marketing dataAnalytics are claimed to be the art of studying data from web marketing then taking the results and finding ways to make your marketing better. Here are some points that are good to keep in mind if you want to get more clatter from your marketing dough.

  1. It has been claimed that reports do not equal analytics! The reports show the data whereas the analytics is more the action of studying the data and acquiring actionable perception.
  2. Focus more on your page views and visits as opposed to your hits.
  3. Make the checking of your analytics part of your daily routine rather than deciding to wait for weeks at a time to check the numbers.
  4. Make sure that the tool which reports your traffic rejects any visits from your office as you do not want any of that data interfering with your results.
  5. Keep an eye on your referrers, specifically referring search keywords as they can advise you on how you are able to more traffic, where you can advertise and also ways on how to design your site so that it suits the needs of your visitor.
  6. Always have a plan in mind in case you need to make adjustments. You may start to see a style within your analytics which shows that things need changing. What actions will you take to resolve this? This is where using the power of analytics can help in improving your business.
  7. Make sure that you keep a watch out at what is happening. When encountering ebbs and flows that are not making any sense, then it could be time to take into account the environment as whole – such things as news reports, weather and even product reviews that are unrelated.
  8. Ensure that you set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and track them constantly – as the KPIs could include lead form completions, sales and Contact Us form completions and make sure that you track them for the long term and really commit to it. It has been said that KPIs are the definitive measure of success.

I know that people will wonder what this has to do with this post but by following even some of these tips and ideas could be a really good help to you.

What This Book Offers

This image below is showing you the back page of the Web Marketing For Dummies book. It shows you what this book is offering you and what you can find inside when you open the book.

I know you will probably say that at Wealthy Affiliate we are already learning all this but like I said in my first paragraph, everyone learns different ways and if this was an easier way for you to learn with a walk through option and being shown how to do things using images rather than words would you be happy to use these books. I know that I certainly would be happy to use them.

Back page of Web Marketing Book


In my opinion, I always think these books are great. Not just for Affiliate Marketing or internet marketing but for any subject at all. I know that if I was offered one of these books and one with just text then I would most certainly go for the Dummies book. It can be so frustrating if you are trying to do something and you are having difficulty understanding the written text and you know that all you need is an image to make things easier but you can’t get your hands on one so you are basically stuck till you can ask someone. I am very interested to know who else would find these books to be beneficial to them when learning things.

Any questions or feedback you have on this review, please leave them in the comment section below and I will get back to you.


Some text and photos courtesy of Dummies.com


6 Replies to “What The Heck Is Affiliate Marketing For Dummies?”

  1. Great and detailed review of Web Marketing Book – All In One. I have bought Dummies series, and I remember picked this book up at the library once but it was so long ago, and I was so new at online marketing, I was overwhelmed information in the book.

    I am a bit concerned about the book, although I believe books are the better resource than online, whether all information is still valid (or is there a new edition?). Nonetheless, it may be the best way to go back to basic because this kind of books provides the “foundation” that should be evergreen.

    Great article. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kyoko, thanks for your comment and I can imagine that you would feel overwhelmed by the information if you were really new at online marketing. I think that an idiots guide should be set out in the simplest ways for people to learn how to do things and the use of images are better than text in my opinion in showing you what to do as opposed to the text telling you. I have never used any of the “For Dummies” series but think that these are a great idea.

      I can understand your concerns about the book and whether it is totally up-to-date. As long as there are books,
      then they should be written in the simplest way if they are a manual which is showing people how to do things.

      Pleased that you enjoyed the article thanks.

  2. Affiliate marketing for dummies sound like an awesome and easy way to learn about affiliate marketing, I love those for dummies books they are so easy to learn anything you want to know and are priced very reasonable for so much useful information.

    Do you think this book includes everything a person needs to know in marketing for affiliate products, I was just wondering if there was a second book in this series as well?

    1. Hi Jeffrey, thanks very much for your comment and I agree that when learning, the easier the better as not everyone is good with all the technical jargon that you have to read through.

      This book is 8 books in one that covers everything you need to know and was the second edition of the book. I couldn’t see anything that gave any indication that a new book would be released as yet but I will certainly keep checking out. 

  3. I did not think of using these resources when I started with online and affiliate marketing. It seems so obvious now that I will have to look into them for reference material. A quick refresher for things I have not quite retained completely. I like having screen shots and other visual references to work with when learning.

    1. Hi Corey, thank you very much for your comment, I always think that having the use of books like this that show you what you need to do as opposed to just reading text can be a really good help to people as not everyone is able to just follow text. I was pleased to see that this post has made you decide that it will be a good idea to use these books even if just to get a refresher on things for yourself. I was thinking that maybe I could do my own ebook on some of the things that people find hard to follow but not sure about it yet.

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