Where To Find Free Digital Marketing Courses Online

Digital Marketing CoursesI was talking to a friend recently and the subject of where to find free Digital Marketing Courses online come up. After we finished our conversation, I made the decision to check this out for myself and see what results I could find in my search.

I am sure that like myself, people are trying to find the quickest and easiest ways of getting information available to us and certainly free information.

Was My Search Fruitful

Yes I will say my search was a fruitful one, as there are a number of websites who are offering these free Digital Marketing courses online as well as there being others who will be happy to point you in the right direction by recommending who they feel are the best available.

I have chosen a few of the available sites you can visit who offer these online courses and will tell you more about them, as well as what courses they have.

Who Offers These Courses?

Listed below are the names of 5 places online that you can access to find information on free Digital Marketing courses.

  • http://growthecole.com
  • https://www.edX.org
  • https://alison.com
  • https://www.futurelearn.com
  • https://www.inc.com.

What Is Being Offered

I am going to tell you here just exactly what the websites above are offering with regard to the courses they are advertising. Some sites have their own courses and others give you the names of companies who they are recommending that you should for any of the courses.


This website belongs to Lucas Chevillard who has been working in Digital Marketing for nearly 10 years as either full-time or as a freelancer. He has catered for businesses of all sizes as well as industries such as travel, video games and even online betting. He is at present in the process of mentoring a couple of startups to help them jump start their growth strategy using digital marketing.

Lucas is offering a free digital marketing course which he assures will learn you the real strategies and tactics of digital marketing which will bring more users to your website as well as turning them into customers who are loyal to you.

If you are interested in this course, it is 7 lessons which you get as emails and these teach you the best ways to use Digital Marketing for growing your business.


In 2012, MIT and Harvard University decided to launch an online learning destination and MOOC (massive online open course) provider which offers courses of a high quality and these are available to learners throughout from institutions and universities that are the best in the world. This online learning destination is known as edX.

We have more than 130 global partners and our members include institutions, world leading universities and nonprofits. Our students belong to every country the world over and it does not matter whether you are interested in languages, writing, biology, computer science, electronics etc, edX has the right course available to you.

As edX were launched as well as continuing to be administered by universities and colleges as well as being the only provider of MOOC which is both open source and non-profit. At present, the only open-source platform that is freely available but also powers courses for edX, is Open edX.

There are 28 free courses available from edX that covers Digital Marketing for anyone interested. To enroll for any of these courses then hit the button below.

course enrol button


The year 2007 in Galway, Ireland saw the launch of Alison, this was founded by Mike Feerick who was the CEO for Alison. Today shows that Alison has flourished freely allowing it to now be a dominant authority in the free skills and education training online. There are now over 11 million people in 195 countries who have become learners with Alison which is helping it to change just how the people in the world are learning and qualifying.

Although there is no charge to you for using Alison, it still trades as a business and a socially-focused one at the same time.

There are currently 9 free courses that cover Digital Marketing. With the courses you will learn the theory of digital marketing such as focusing on the planning, the implementation plus measurement of digital marketing strategies.

The free course here will interest business professionals, entrepreneurs and also anyone else who has an interest in starting-marketing their online business.


Here is a private company who are owned fully by The Open University. They have over 40 years experience in online education as well as distance learning. They have 144 partners from all over the world and included in these are many of the best international and UK universities along with institutions.

Since September 2013 and the launch of their first courses, there has been 7,610,014 people joined FutureLearn. As they are always looking to craft high quality products which are tailor-made for the needs of their learners, they are very good at spending the time listening to what you want.

At present FutureLearn are only offering the one free course on Digital Marketing. This is from Accenture and is a 2-week course and is only 2 hours per week. This course is designed to learn you of the many digital marketing strategies and techniques that businesses have available for use,

Google coursesinc.com

While checking inc.com, I noticed that they do not actually offer courses themselves but they have made suggestions for what they reckon are the top five free digital marketing courses available online. I have listed the names of the courses and a brief description of what each course covers.

1. Google Online Marketing Challenge

This is an online modular course which covers a host of different topics like introductory digital marketing etc. and this makes it a more comprehensive course for anyone just beginning. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a digital marketing online course that is free and has a real-world experience element plus a competitive angle, then this is a great choice.

2. WordStream’s PPC University

The PPC University online learning resource which was created by Wordstream for helping you develop your PPC plus skills in digital marketing as well as being totally free. As everything is mobile-friendly, you have the ability to learn wherever and whenever you have time. There is also access to various white papers plus webinars you can use to improve your learning of digital marketing.

3. Social Media Quickstarter Digital Marketing Course

By using a series of step by step lessons, it allows the learner to pore over the digital marketing tactics for Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc. as well as review sites and online listings. The courses are structured in a way that makes them suitable for marketers who are just beginning.

4. Inbound Digital Marketing Course Plus Official Certification

An incredible extensive digital marketing course has been offered by the HubSpot Academy and there are currently over 3000 students who are taking part at Udemy.

The cost of the course is zero as it is a free course which consists of more than 4.5 hours instruction and this is done through 38 lectures.

5. Alison Free Diploma in E-Business

You may remember that I have already spoken about Alison and have given you an insight to what they are all about. However, you can also find out here about their free Digital Marketing Course on Diploma in E-Business as well as being able to learn everything you need on how to code. Being able to code will make yourself invaluable for your own start-up as well as to other organisations.


As you can see, there is certainly plenty of sites you can look up and be able to find a free course on Digital Marketing that you will be able to do from start to finish online.

Being able to do these courses online certainly makes things a lot easier for us all as we can do them from home and at our own pace and in our own time which can suit people like full time mums or perhaps someone like myself who works part-time or even full-time as you are able to fit these courses into your day when you have time to sit down at your leisure when you know that you won’t be disturbed so you can concentrate on what it is you have to do.

If you have any questions or feedback on this article, then please leave them in the comment section below or contact me at WealthyAffiliate.com and I will be more than happy to answer them.

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  1. Hi Cheryl

    That was an interesting introduction to digital marketing, with so many courses on offer. I did not realize that it was that competitive and that it is free, as I hate spending money for nothing.  My favourite word in the whole of the world. is free. 

     If each course is extensive and covers all the fundamentals that are required, then I could be interested in signing up to some of them.  

    Are all the course set to the same level or are some more extensive than the others?

    I look forward to your reply.


  2. Your article is an informative article.I have benefited greatly by reading your article.I had a desire to know about this for a long time and I got to know about this article after reading this article.You laid you information very good.You said about 5 types of ink.That’s information makes me so happy.You also said about it’s uses and added a video.It is really incredible.Thank you very much for sharing this article.

    1. Hi Mohammadahm, thank you very much for your comment and you are very welcome. I am so pleased to see that you got so much information from this post and that you are happy with the information you have managed to take away and will be able to use to your own advantage. I hope you go on to complete all the courses that you are looking to do as well as working here at WA. Please feel free to read any of the other posts I have here on my site. Thank you once again for your comment. 

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